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Majoras Mask-Kill the bird on the way to the ranch to get 500 rupees

Majoras Mask-This is a cheat i thought of myself------when it is 10 at night go to the trading post and in the little stream there is a fish scoop up the fish with a bottle and leave.Then go back in with another bottle and scoop up the fish again. repeat the process untill u have no more bottles to put the fish in.Then go into the curiosity shop and the man will but a fish for 20 rupees.You can get up to 120 rupees that fast!!!!!

Majoras mask-At honey & darling's game center----before you enter shoot the two targets above the door to get rupees

Majoras Mask-start a file on slot one and save your game in south clock town at the owl.then start a game on slot two and get epona and rie to the milk road owl and save your game with out dismounting or it wont work.When you go back to slot one you will be riding on epona in clock town!!!!!!!!