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Majoras Mask Items


DEKU NUT-Deku nuts realease a blinding flash when thrown on the ground,stopping enemies in thier tracks.They dont affect all enemies though

DEKU STICKS-These are longer than your standard sword,and you can swing them at enemies,but they break very easily.If you put thier ends into a flame, you can use them to light fires

BOMBS-Press the C button once to lift bomns above your head,then press it again to either throw them or place them at your feet.Bombs will explode after a few moments and can be used to deafeat enemies or knock down walls

BOMBCHU-Use these in the same manner as bombs,but the second time u press the C button,they will automaticly start rolling away.If they hit a obstacle or if time runs out they will explode.They can also climb up walls

POWDER KEGS-These special bombs used only by Gorons are much more powerful than your standard bombs.After you set them,they will explode when the fuse burns up.

HOOKSHOT-This item has an expanding and retracting chain with a hook on the end that can grab on to certain objects,pulling to you as the chain retracts.When you aim,a red dot indicates the hook's range.It can also be used as a weapon or to grab items in hard to reach places

HERO'S BOW-Use this to shoot enemies and switches froma afr the C button once to take out the bow.Press the C button again to set an arrow to the string.when you release the C button,you will shoot the arrow.

THE MAJIC ARROWS-There are three types of majic arrows.(fire,water,spirit)when you shoot them they use up MP(majic points)so be sure to watch your MP bar at the top of the screen.

MAJIC JARS-Used to refill your MP bar

BOTTLES-You can have up to six bottles.They are used to stor things in them such as potions or letters

PICTOGRAPH BOX-This is the camera used to enter the boat cruise photo contest.Us the C button to take out and press the A button to snap a photograph.If you get a pic of tingle then bring it back to the shop for the grand prize.

EVENT ITEMS-These are the item displayed at the right edge of the select item subscreen.These items are such as Land deeds,and the moon tear

BOMBERS NOTEBOOK-the bombers gang give you this notebook to you.You use it to keep track on how many people you have helped in your quest.

PIECE OF HEART-a extra piece of heart.When you get 4 of them you get a full heart contaner

SWORD UPGRADE-In the game you can upgrade your sword.When you do the new one will replace your old one

MAP-to see th elayout of a certain area or dungeon

SMALL KEY-used in dungeons to oen up doors

COMPASS-it displays the location of chests and the boss room

BOSS KEY-used to open the boss door

MASKS-When you put them on you can do diffrent things then you could when you were normal link

OCARINA OF TIME-The instrument you play to compse diffrent songs in the game to get to certai areas.the ocarina changes in order to which form you are in